Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Storytime

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Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I have a gazillion blogs. (Not really. But four is almost a gazilllion.) One of them is The Storybook Shelf, where I highlight stories that The Boy and I have read together--mostly books that I think more people should know about. There are some AWESOME kid's books out there, besides the usual classics that we've all read.

Anyway, I have a few stories posted there about fall and about Halloween, if you have kids of the picture-book age. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to get a couple more posted there soon.

This one is my most favorite Halloween book ever:

Ghosts in the House!, by Kazuno Kohara

If you have a favorite, we'd love to hear what it is!


  1. I really love the graveyard book. It's a retelling of the Jungle book where instead of Jungle animals the boy is raised by ghosts. You can listen to the author read it for free here http://www.mousecircus.com/videotour.aspx
    (no sign up or anything)
    My favorite goblin story is a fairy tale called 'The Hedly Kow' it has a cute ending http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/eng/meft/meft11.htm

    This book has my favorite version of 'The Hedly Kow' the ending has a bit more to it. The book is in: 'Tatterhood and Other Tales' by Ethel Johnston Phelps

    1. Thanks, Chrissy! I'll go check those out right now.


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