Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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I have this lovely homeschooling room. I love it to death, and feel very very blessed.
Though.... Lately we've been doing homeschooling at the kitchen table.
Pie for Breakfast: Homeschool Room
 I've learned homeschooling is all about flexibility. My little homeschooling room is downstairs. The kitchen is upstairs. I've found lately, if I want to get the housework done and the homeschooling done, I have to combine it some where. So the girls do some independent work while I do the dishes.
The best part of homeschooling is finding out what works. Some people do homeschooling on the couch. Some people only do it in their special room. Some people do it on the porch outside (on nice sunny days) I love the ability to make my schooling work for me and my children.

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  1. We do our school work at the dining room table. The kitchen has a counter that overlooks the dining room so they kids do their work while I do dishes and cook. We move around, though, too. The living room floor and sometimes even their room. But I sure do wish I had a room devoted to school-not necessarily so they would always do their work there, but so I could have a space where I could keep all of the books and supplies. Right now the dining room has two big shelves like the one in your picture full of school things. Someday...


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