Thursday, June 13, 2013

D stands for Donut

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A fun idea that I've used each time for D is decorating paper donuts. My kids LOVE being able to play with real sprinkles and I love that the don't have to eat a donuts to do this craft!

Here is my princess decorating her donut. And yes, she wrote the D in the middle.

Friday, June 7, 2013

B stands for Balloon!

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Today we learned about the letter B, me and my princess! We learn about the letter, learn the sounds, and learn how to write it. Then, we do a fun craft. I usually come up with the craft during learning about it, or a few minute prior. Yep, that's life with four kids sometimes. Luckily I think I come up with my best and most creative ideas this way.

Today we painted with Balloons. My princess thought it was great! So did the two others, so they joined in on their break!

A little tip that I've learned. You can never have enough craft supplies. I like to buy supplies for crafts throughout the year. A lot of my supplies come from the dollar store. (The red tray is a dollar store buy). This way you can come up with a lot of last minute crafts! Yes, I do have a huge bag of balloons, you never know when you need them!!
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