Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Boy's New Obsession

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Little Boy loves tracing...everything. I thought he was going to color the worksheet in the photo, but he traced it instead. We have a book full of trace-able shapes and letters, and it's almost his favorite activity ever. His very favorite is the "cutting book," which deserves its own post. Later.

(In case you couldn't tell, the blobby thing he was tracing is a stegosaurus. It just didn't have any spiny-thingies on its back yet.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preschool Math: M&Ms and Graphing!

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Little Boy loooooves numbers. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before.

A few times.

We don't do math activities as often as I'd like. We both liked this one--him, because he got to count, and both of us, because there were M&Ms involved.

I just now decided that M&Ms should be involved more often.

Anyway, I got these M&Ms Graphing worksheets from Sugardoodle--but I can't find the exact link now. If anyone else finds it, could you let me know?

So, first he had to sort the M&Ms by color. Cute worksheet, right? Yeah, I wish I could take credit for it. But...really, I just print stuff off the internet.

And then we went through, color by color, to count them up and then color in the appropriate number of rectangles on the graph. I had never heard of preschool graphing skills! Makes me feel all proud of him.

(Really, he's pretty ordinary. So I try to feel proud as often as I can.)

And I bet you can guess what we did after all that counting and graphing. I'll give you a hint: all that work made us hungry.

...Which is why, if we do this activity again, we'll have to buy new M&Ms.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reading: Bob Books

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(This is not a paid review. I'm not nearly that cool.)

So, early in our little homeschool adventure, I heard about Bob Books. We were still working on letter sounds, not reading yet, so I kinda forgot about them.

Then a friend mentioned that she was using them with her kids. I think she got them from Amazon. Anyway, it was perfect timing, because Little Boy was just about ready to sound out words.

My mom happened to have the first set (which was weird; I had no idea that she had it). We've gotten the rest of the sets from the library--Little Boy wanted to read as many as he could, and then...we got to some that he couldn't quite read yet. So right now we're trying to catch up.

Anyway, Bob Books are small and easy for little hands to hold. The first one only has a few letters in it, and each book is a little more difficult than the one before. (The one in the picture is the last one in the first series, I think.)

On the Bob Books website, they have a little catchphrase: "I read the WHOLE book!" I thought that was kinda cheesy, but it's true--Little Boy really liked having a book that he could read to me.
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