Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft Time

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 Like I said, I'm known for LOVING doing crafts. Today we did some of The Story of the World. We read about Joseph going to Egypt. So, we made our own coats of many colors. It was a fun easy craft that just required scraps of fabric, scissors, glue, and a cut out paper coat.

Yes, my fashionista is indeed in her pj's. That's one of the perk of home schooling. If she want she can wear her pj's and I don't have to fight her to get dressed!

Here is one of the coats. I love any opportunity to have my children use their imaginations. Crafts allow me to see inside their little minds. I love it!

Don't forget tomorrow is the last day of the give-a-way!!! It will be closed at midnight and the winner will be announced on Monday!!

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