Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Field Trip: Old Settler's Picnic

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Our little town has a carnival-type shindig on the last weekend of July every year. They call it "Old Settler's," and they let you tour some little log cabins for free, but really? It's mostly a carnival.

And since I'm trying to get our little family out of the house more on little field trips, Little Boy and I went.

But we didn't go on any rides--I'm kinda scared of traveling-carnival-type rides. And I'm cheap. But we DID visit the petting zoo.

And I didn't take any pictures.

But I promise, it was very cute.

I DID take a picture of this, though:

{I was too lazy to edit this photo. Sorry.}

Little Boy loves cars, trains, buses, trucks...and tractors. Definitely tractors. So he was pretty tickled to sit up on a big green tractor all by himself.

So I'm gonna call this a 'field trip.' Because we learned how to pet farm animals...and how to sit on tractors.

Yeah, that's it.

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