Monday, August 30, 2010

Field Trip: Marine Life Center

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We took a second beachy field trip a couple weeks ago--this time to the nearby Marine Life Center. My little sister came along, too.

Imagine the smallest aquarium ever--just one room. Where the biggest specimen is a small octopus. That's the Marine Life Center.

It's right on the water. Lucky for us, it was a gorgeous day.

This is looking down into part of the big tank in the middle of the room. There are three smaller tanks around the sides, and an even smaller touch tank. an octopus. Octopuses gross me out. I didn't tell Little Boy that, though. No need to taint his relationship with mushy sea creatures.

A rainbow trout. I had no idea rainbow trout lived in saltwater.

That's a flounder. Doesn't look much like Flounder in The Little Mermaid, does it? Just sayin'.

Lots of sea anemones. These ones weren't for touching.

This guy was probably six inches across. He stood there and watched us for several minutes.

My sister holding a hermit crab in the touch tank. The touch tank has starfish, hermit crabs, sea cucumber-y things (I'm not exactly sure what they were), and anemones--you can touch them all, as long as you keep them underwater.

And check that out--Little Boy actually stuck his hand in the freezing-cold water to touch a starfish. He wouldn't touch the underside of it, though--that was "too scary."

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