Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Boy's Nerdy Future

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Don't call CPS--we don't actually let our six-year-old use a soldering iron. It's his dad's, and he's had it drilled into his little head that soldering irons are NOT for touching. Unless Dad says it's okay because Mom thinks it would make a cute picture.

I don't know whether The Boy will really grow up to be a soldering maniac like his father. But if he does, homeschooling gives us the freedom to let him explore that potential interest as much as he wants. Or his interest in cars. Or his interest in soccer. Or...his interest in soldering cars while playing soccer. Whatever. As long as his interests are legal, he's got our full support.

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  1. Cute picture opp! Love that homeschooling gives us so much freedom to tailor.


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