Monday, April 22, 2013

Kindergarten Art: Playdough Bugs!

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[This project was inspired by these Play Dough Bug Sculptures.]

We were learning about bugs a couple weeks ago--you know, head, thorax, abdomen, that kind of thing--so I thought we ought to do something buggy for our art project at the end of the week. Thanks to Pinterest, I found something SUPER easy and open-ended.

Here are our materials:

Pie for Breakfast: Kindergarten Art: Playdough Bugs
You can use whatever you've got around the house.
And here's one of my first bugs. As we all know, I'm really good at lots of intricate details and stuff.

Pie for Breakfast: Kindergarten Art: Playdough Bugs
Not. But at least he's cute, right?

The Boy spent most of his time on this Dangerous Bug:

Pie for Breakfast: Kindergarten Art: Playdough Bugs
I would die if I ever saw a bug like this in real life.
We also made some ladybugs, a caterpillar, tons of made-up bugs...we tried a butterfly, too, but it just looked lopsided and weird. Oh, well. I guess that's why God makes bugs, and we don't.

Anyway, we didn't do anything scientific or overly realistic with this. Just fun with odds and ends. It was a good wrap-up for our buggy week.

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