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BOB Books Set #1: Beginning Readers
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My fashionista has been really struggling to read. We've try different approaches. I was getting really sad because she was hating reading. And I know that she could really love it.  She's six years old. My other daughter was reading chapter books by six. I assumed my fashionista was behind because she wasn't reading chapter books yet. About a year ago, she really struggle with reading the first set of Bob books. We have a few other sets, she has struggled but made it through most of them. I have felt that she needed to start all over on the Bob books along with the other reading program we do.
Today we started over. She read six books, easily. No problem at all. She turned to me and said "wow, reading is fun."
She is seriously floating on cloud nine and is currently reading more to her sisters.
When we're with our kids and teaching them, it's hard to see their progress. Especially when they are struggling. It's so encouraging to go back and take what your child has struggled with and see the real improvement. I challenge you to do this. Go back and revisit an area of schooling your child was struggling with. And help them see that all their hard work is paying off!!

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