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So, before I post the fun activity I need to say a few things. We have been doing a homeschooling program and doing their curriculum. We've been hating school. The girls hate it, I hate it, heck even my husband hates it. We have pretty much halted in our learning. So. I've decided going back to HOME schooling. I chose to homeschool because I think learning should be hard work, but tons of fun.
And to the real reason for the post..........................

Today we started back into "My America and My World" (an Abeka history book). We learned about Egypt. We learned about the Sphinx and learned about Pyramids. So, we made those out of sugar cubes. These are pictures of the progress. My kids decided it would be lots of fun to paint their pyramids.. So we did, you can do that when you're homeschooling!!!

 My princess decided eating them was just as fun as making stuff with them.
 My fashionista decided to try and make a sphinex, that's why it's rectangular instead of square.
 My scientist made a pyramid and building to go around it.
 My pyramid.. Because I get to enjoy learning right along with them!
Baby Brother got to "glue" with water.. and he ate all his sugar cubes... Yeah... He enjoyed every second!

What things we've learned from this lesson:
Math: you need the same amount of cubes on each side in order to make a square.
Science: Sugar melts in water, also because paint has water if you add to much it also melts the sugar
History: About pyramids and the Sphinx
Reading: Each kid took turns reading outloud from the history book

*by the way, i don't get anything for mentioning Abeka.. I just LOVE how simple the history books are and how they get more advanced every year.

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  1. Love this! So perfect for Kane Chronicle fans!


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