Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Homeschool?

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Everyone's gotta have a reason, right?

Here's the thing--my reasons for homeschooling are...hard to explain.  I could give you lots of decent-sounding reasons (and I will, in a minute), but the REAL reason that I'm homeschooling Little Boy is that, after lots of praying and soul-searching, it felt so right.

There are the issues of preschools around here being a bit expensive, and Little Boy's shyness, and the local school district making it so that Little Boy won't be eligible for kindergarten for TWO AND A HALF MORE YEARS when he's clearly ready to learn NOW (not that I'd put him in kindergarten now...I'm just sayin').  And so on.

                        {the star of the show}

But realistically, all of those reasons can be overcome.  The real reason that we homeschool is because it's right for us right now. 

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