Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mini Mighty Mind

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Note: This is not a paid review.  I'm not that cool.

This is Little Boy's favorite toy right now.  I think I ordered it from Fat Brain Toys (I looked at it on several websites, and I can't remember which one I ordered it from, off the top of my head).

It's like a set of tangrams, sort of--have you ever played with those?  This one comes with 16 cards that progress from easy to hard, and it's recommended for ages 3 - 8.

Now, I knew Little Boy would love this toy because he's very visually/spatially talented (which he did not inherit from me).  And, based on his age, I figured the Mini Mighty Mind would be a better choice for him than the regular Mighty Mind set.


The first time we played with it, we only had a few minutes so he only got through five of the cards.  The next time we played with it, we did the same cards, plus a couple more.  The next time, I just let him go for it and watched to see how far he could get.

He got through all sixteen cards without any help.

Do you think I can get a refund?  "Um, hi...I'd like a refund on this product.  I'm not a very observant parent and I didn't realize my son was that smart."  Probably not, huh.

Anyway, the good thing is that he still loves playing with it.  And hopefully we'll be able to get him a regular Mighty Mind set soon.  And maybe from now on I'll pay closer attention to what level of educational toys my kid needs.

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