Friday, July 12, 2013

Yep, We're Okay

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I know that a few people in my life are a little...concerned...about our choice to homeschool. And I don't blame them, really. Heck, most of us homeschool parents get concerned about it, too--"Am I really pulling this off? Can I produce an educated, well-rounded person from this?"

Well, we've only officially been homeschooling for one year. So we're not quite done with the produce-an-educated-person experiment. But if you're concerned, here are some examples of what The Boy can do, without having gone to public kindergarten*:

  • read at a 5th-grade level
  • write sentences clearly
  • add and subtract 
  • play well with his friends
  • raise his hand politely in Sunday School
  • build rockin' LEGO vehicles

...and so on. In other words, he's doing fine.

The kid isn't perfect. Neither am I. But we're making it work, and I have a feeling that we'll continue to do so. 
**Not real glasses.**

*Not that there's anything wrong with public kindergarten. I loved going to kindergarten, and I have nothing but admiration for the kindergarten teachers that I know. Just sayin'.

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