Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bring Back the Home...

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At the beginning of the year I decided to sign the girls up for an at home charter school. Essential we got funding to buy books through the program and funding for doing activities. I thought it was an amazing idea. We only had to report once a month and do a few other report things. Don't get me wrong, it's a good program that we are going to continue doing.

However, it feels like all we do is worksheets. And worksheets. And worksheets. My scientist has been telling me how bored she is, and honestly so am I. I've stopped preparing fun activities. Stopped spending hours getting excited for the next day. I've become as bored as my kids.

I was discussing this with my husband and he's noticed it to. School isn't fun. It's boring. Yep, it's as boring as public school.

So this next week or so, I'm going to start working really hard at bringing back the home to our homeschooling. I'm going to start looking things up, creating new fun games, and get the love back for teaching my kids. This way they will get the love of learning back.

My first idea that we are starting today are the smiley faces. Every time the girls finish a subject they get a smiley face. On the back of them there is an activity or something fun. Some of the ideas on the smiley's are: drawer, paint, pick 3 craft items and create, spin a dice and that's how much computer time you, 15 jumping jacks, draw with pastels, model clay, and etc. So far the girls seem excited!

What do you do to make homeschooling fun for you? and your kids?

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