Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Play a Game: Blokus

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Have you ever played Blokus? [That's not an affiliate link. I'm just tryin' to be helpful.]

Each player has a set of colored shapes, and they have to try to fit all of their pieces into the game board. But your colored pieces can only touch at the corners. [See above. The pieces kinda remind me of Tetris.]

Little Boy loves it. But here's the thing: we've never taught him the rules. He doesn't actually know how to play the game. But he loves trying to fit all the pieces onto the board, and he likes stacking up the tiles to make different colors [like the blue and the yellow to make green].

And that's why I'm posting about it here. I wouldn't have even thought about giving it to Little Boy when I first played it, but it's turned out to be a good open-ended toy for him. He'll spend a good hour, sometimes, messing around with it.

So take a look around your house. You might have something lying around that would be a great toy for your kid. Be safe, though. I don't want any little ones choking on Blokus pieces as a result of this post.

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