Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weather and Calendar Time

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So, after doing all the church-y stuff, we move on to calendar stuff. It only takes a couple minutes.

We chart the weather using this graph from Confessions of a Homeschooler (scroll down to "Calendar Time" and click on "Weather Graphing"). I like this because it's also a sneaky math activity. I think this is all the weather graphing we did in November. Remember how I said we don't do everything every day?

And then there's calendar time. We take a look at a regular calendar to see what the date is, and if it's a holiday or something, we talk about that. Once in awhile, we sing a little song about Days of the Week or Months of the Year, but Little Boy memorized those so quickly that I don't really bother anymore.

And then he switches our "perpetual calendar" to the right date. (I got it at Target last fall for...I dunno, maybe two dollars.) He insists on doing this by himself.

And that's it. I'd really like one of those pocket calendar thingies (like this one), but for now what we're doing works for us.

Next up: reading!

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