Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Science: Salt Melts Ice

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Here's yet another idea that I took from The Mailbox.

I filled a couple of Ziploc bags with water, and (carefully) stuck them in my freezer. The idea was to make ice lumps, and there's really not room in my freezer for two bowls of water, so...Ziploc bags had to do. And only one of them leaked!

The next day, I filled two bowls half-full of water, added a lot of salt, and some food coloring. And I unwrapped the ice lumps.

After explaining to Little Boy about how salt melts ice (at a four-year-old's level, of course), and showing him how to use the dropper-thingy, I let him loose.

I think the food coloring is supposed to make the salt water easier to see than if you used clear water or plain salt.

Little Boy had fun with the dropper, but the melting didn't work as well as I'd hoped. It was still hard to see much melting going on.

The salt water did finally melt a hole through a thin part of one of the ice lumps.

So...I don't really recommend this experiment. Unless you can figure out a way to make it work better...maybe use smaller ice lumps?

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  1. Visiting your blogs for the first time from Mormon Mommy Blogs. I'm so impressed with your realism in what you share! There are lots of great ideas here that I'd like to try with my own little guy :) Best of luck to you always


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