Friday, July 23, 2010

Target's $1 Bins

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I gotta tell ya--I'm not a frequent Target shopper. Walmart is half a mile closer, and yes, I'm that lazy.

But when my rockin' friend Sharline told me that Target had some school-type stuff in their dollar bins, I sucked it up and drove an extra half-mile. And boy, am I glad I did.

This was a week or two ago, and at that time, about half the stuff in the dollar bins was school-related, and about half was summer stuff. I'm hoping they'll clear out the summer stuff soon [they probably have by now, actually], and then maybe they'll have even more often stuff. How many times can I stay "stuff" in this post? Five so far.

Anyway, I only picked up a few things.

A dry-erase writing board (it has lines on one side, and it's blank on the other), a "perpetual calendar," a planner, an activity book that Little Boy picked out, and some pom-poms (the pom-poms are kind of weird, but good enough for my purposes).

This was actually $2.50. But still a good deal. (Sorry about the weird glare--the plastic was still on it when I took the picture.) I'm not sure Little Boy is really "getting" the calendar concept yet, but I figure that he'll at least learn the vocabulary for now.

[No more "stuff"! Except for that one. That makes six.]

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  1. SO cool that you found some stuff!!! The target thats clostest to me (the one that I told you didnt have any of the school stuff) just started to put some out last week. I bet this week or next week there will be som emore stuff at my store. Hopefully you'll have more soon, too. I loved the perpetual calendar! I didnt see that here, but it seems super cute and I may have to keep an eye out for it! I'm glad you found some good stuff! xoxo


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